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Jigsaw Puzzles

As a youngster I used to do the odd jigsaw puzzle but of course there was always a missing piece! Other issues are buying and storing all the puzzles and the fact that I'd always like my own pictures on them. With old fashioned puzzles these problems have never gone away but now there is a modern alternative with none of the problems of the old fashioned puzzles. I'd love for these to work on other operating systems but for now I'm afraid these are windows only.

Just click on the picture to download the .exe files, they are prepared on a machine running comprehensive anti-virus software and do not include any spyware or malware, neither do they require installation or leave anything behind on your computer when you have finished.

Ravenglass Station. Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway
Easy puzzle 54 piecesHard puzzle 88 piecesAnd the big one! 154 pieces

Garret in a big country. Welsh Highland Railway
Easy puzzle 70 piecesHard puzzle 130 piecesFor people with time on their hands! 204 pieces

Controls of a 15" gauge loco
(Pieces in the harder two puzzles rotate)
Kids puzzle 42 piecesHard puzzle 99 piecesAnd the tricky one! 143 pieces
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